In the not-so-distant past, people utilized their now obsolete BlackBerry device to stay connected and productive in the modern world. Since then, times have changed. New technologies have sprouted, offering greater conductivity, leaving Blackberry in the dust. Unlike the now antiquated mobile device, marijuana breeders around the country believe their Blackberry marijuana strains may help America’s stressed-out populace, cope with the hectic pace of the modern world – in a slightly more cerebral way.

Basic Info: For Nirvana’s version of Blackberry, their name was derived from a dank combination of parental names; a chronic across between the notorious Black Domino and a sweet hybridized Raspberry Cough. An Indica dominant hybrid, Black Domino’s mom originated in Washington State’s Seattle area, then as a clone made the long and arduous trip to Amsterdam. In this hybridized strain, Blackberry is an amalgamation of Raspberry Cough, a Indica-Sativa hybrid of Nirvana’s ICE strain, and an old-school landrace strain hailing from Indochina.

Growth and Seed Info: Like many strains, Blackberry is fond of consistency. She thrives in stable environments where temperature, nutrients, and atmospheric changes are minimal. Due to Blackberry’s slightly finicky requirements, the individual’s yield will vary based on the cultivators skill set, and ability to maintain favorable growing conditions. Relegating this strain to the slightly more experienced growers in the group – as growing pot is expensive and failing sucks. With a flowering time of approximately 11 weeks, this strain’s phenotypes are ideal for hydroponic/indoor cultivation, where environmental conditions are stable – allowing her buds to hit full maturation, minus any fear of rain induced mold. Provided you are fortunate enough to live within the equatorial region, this strain will flourish. Producing fat and swollen flowers laboring under coats of resin towards the end of October/ beginning of November.

Svelte and sticky, this hybridized Blackberry strain preserved her Black Domino mother’s love of form, producing compact, demure plant structure. This plants growth characteristics are both compact and uniform, known to turn a dark shade of velvety green, while coating her swollen nodes in resinous sheets of THC. As mentioned above – this strain performs best in a hydroponic setup, particularly thriving within the sea of green or as a severely pruned multi-branched plant. The nug’s produced by the Blackberry strain are incredibly tight, creating elongated pointy buds with a notable absence of pistils or hairs. Counterintuitive to the density of her flowers, Blackberry’s genetics maintain a strong defiance to mold. One major caveat to this plant and the indoor gardener… this plant reeks as she nears the end of her flowering cycle – so carbon-based air scrubbers are must. As most experience cultivators already know, using organics rather than synthetic nutrients will help to elevate both the finished flavor and the mouthwatering aroma. As her flowering cycle ends, your Blackberry bush will nearly double in her overall size, producing an average yield of just under a pound of chronic smoke.

Affect: The Blackberry high is buoyant and creative, kicking into high gear fast with a pleasantly soothing endurance. An inspirational smoke well-suited to creative endeavors, cultivating a more casual laid-back sense of self – minus any anxiety that might arise from being overly stoned in social situations.

Scent: The plants terpenes and flavonoids are heady and fuel like – when exhaled the pungent smoke tastes as good as it smells. The exhaled smoke leaves hints of spicy Cambodian flavors lingering on the tongue.

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